Cooking with Jack – “Viewer’s Recipe” Ceviche


Cooking with Jack – “Viewer’s Recipe” Ceviche

Ingredients:- 1 carrot
- 3 tomatoes
- 1 large avocado
- 1 cucumber and a half
- 3 slices of a white onion
- A little bit of cilantro (optional)
- Salt to taste
- Ground pepper to taste
- 6 Limes (nice big and juicy)
- 1lb. shredded imitation crab
- 1lb. shrimp [any size, medium size is best,

Instructions:Tear up crab meat
toss with shrimp in bowl
shred your carrot into small pieces
dice up tomato, cucumber and avocado
add finely diced onions
add lemon juice
add salt and pepper
toss again and serve


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